Vipera Smoky Eyebrow Stencil Kit 02 Limbo Peanut

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Vipera Smoky  Eyebrow Stencil Kit 02 Limbo Peanut it is a Brow styling Kit. 

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Vipera Smoky  Eyebrow Stencil Kit 02 Limbo Peanut it is a Brow styling Kit. 

Brows are not only used for non-verbal communication. According to modern beauty standards brows are essential for framing the face. Bad brow style can make you look sad or tired. We all have our own brow shape that we should not try tochange drastically. However, if you are not satisfied with your brows you can always improve them by properly shaping/defining them.

Oval face (ideal shape) – a soft angled brow shape
Round face –
a high-arched brow shape to make it appear longer
Heart face shape –
slightly arched brows with a round curveto balance the pointy chin
Long face –
wide and almost straight flat brows will make it appear shorter
Square face – a
rounded brow shape with a high and well defined arch
Diamond face shape –
curved brows with slightly wider startingpoint and tails gently turned down

Expiry date: 18 mounths after opening

Weight: 4,5 g

The KIT contains:

  • Plastic re-usable Brow Stencils – 6 pcs.
  • Applicator
  • Brow Powder - available in 9 shades
  • Instructions - on the package

How to use Eyebrow Stencil Kit?

  • Make sure that the skin on the brows is dry and clean
  • Choose a stencil that fits best your natural brow shape
  • Flip the stencil horizontally and repeat the steps on the other brow

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