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Vipera Cosmetics Shop

Vipera Cosmetics was established in 1988. It is considered one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of an extensive rangę of make-up products in Poland.

The Company's success is based on the quality of merchandise and its ability to match the needs of the market. The highly qualified team of employees at Vipera Cosmetics consistently carries out its principle:

"We consider our Clients satisfaction to be of the utmost importance".

About Vipera Cosmetics

Vipera Cosmetics employs around 200 people. The array of cosmetics introduced to the market is rich and varied and undergoes constant modification.The main taskof Vipera's products is to effectively nourish and protect the skin while emphasizing its beauty and adding to its allure and brilliance.

In the process of production, Vipera imports its ingredients from the top companies worldwide.The Laboratory team works on the research and preparation of new products with the use of natural ingredients. Before entering the market, the produce undergoes careful microbiological and physicochemical analysis for its pH content, heavy metal presence and stability as well as dermatological, optometric and application tests. In the year 2000, Vipera became the only Polish manufacturer of make-up cosmetics to launch a Quality Control System ISO 9001. The system ensures excellence in all the stages of designing, production and retailing of the color and skin care products.

Following a successful growth within Poland, we extended our reach outside of the country. As a new venture of 2008, our company introduced to the market a chain of Brand Kiosks promoting exclusively the entire rangę of Vipera Cosmetics products.