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    Eyebrows perform very important functions in our life.They are the most mobile features of the face that can send various non-verbal signals. They convey our thoughts and emotionswhen we do not speak, and complement our communicationwhen we do. Brow movement requires up to 12 muscles – morethan smiling does. The occipitofrontalis muscle raises the eyebrows, while the procerus draws them down. The procerus is the samemuscle that causes transverse lines between the brows – thisis how we demonstrate anger. Also involved in brow movementare the orbicularis oculi and corrugator muscles. The first one draws eyebrow down so that a surprised face changes to a worried.The corrugator pulls the brows to the bridge of the nose producing vertical wrinkles on the forehead. Besides expressing various emotions and feelings eyebrows protect the eyes from dust, sweat and UV-radiation. Evaporating sweat beads are stopped at the brow line to prevent the forehead from overheating. Our anscestors’ brows and lashes were also sensory organs of touch, however they lost their function significantly before our developed species appeared..

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    Facts about Eyelashes

    The upper eye lid grow about 150 to 250 lashes that are as long as 8 to 12 mm, while on the lower eyelid grow 50 to 150 lashes that are 6 to 8 mm in length. Eyelash growth cycle lasts about 3 to 6 months and follows three phases:

    Anagen lasts 30 – 45 days: all through this hair growth stage, every eyelash thickens and becomes longer. 

    Catagen lasts about 3 weeks: eyelashes quit developing and the follicle starts to contractThe cessasion  phase  starts.

    Telogen lasts about 3 months. The last phase of the eyelashesbefore they begin tumbling off.